Made in Grey Britain

Made in Grey Britain (MIGB) is looking for editorial contributions from people in all areas of employment within the creative and industry sectors about the work they do. This content will be one of the main features in the forthcoming MIGB website and will form part of an ongoing database detailing ‘what we do and why we do it’. So if you are involved in a creative process, or manufacture something, they’d love to hear from you – whether you knit, sew, design, draw, write, put labels on jumpers, package goods etc, MIGB want to hear your story.

Made in Grey Britain is a fluid organisation concerned with the promotion, creation and protection of UK manufacture and design. Housed in the former Lyle and Scott hosiery mill in Hawick, MIGB are very much focused on the actual realities of creating in the UK today, rather than the romanticised, trendification of union jack emblazoned marketeering.  They are interested in the people who make the stuff.  The makers as opposed to the shakers.

More information is available in the Made In Grey Britain Call To Arms.

You can access the questionnaire here.

If you would like to take part please complete the questionnaire, save it and send to  This is also the email address to use for any queries or requests for more information.

Lyle & Scott’s Stocking Shop c1900

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